Tips on braking!

Hie biking dudes!
Tis is Sudan....Hope u r dng gud fellas! itz high tym 4 a blog! wel! i gna share sum tips on braking...here it goes..

1. Use bth brakes ech tym wn u slow dwn or stop. {if U use 1ly d rear brakes, U may nvr learn hw 2 use d frnt brake properly wn u need it}

2. Squeeze d front brake n press dwn d rear brake smoothly n gradully increasing pressure as needed. { squeezing d front brake or pressin d rear brake hard may result in skidin n control problms }

3. Apply both brakes simultaneously.{ many rydrs belive tat d rear brake shud b applied 1st...bt on d contrary , d sooner U apply d front brake d sooner u slow dwn. {coz front brake provides 75%of your stoppin power }

tats it!! Happy driving lads! Au Revoir!


prasanna said...

While seeing a big hole and when you are at high speed, do not apply disk brake wit high pressure which will result in compression of the front suspension and when the front tyre falls in this state into the pit it leads to damaging the spring coils in the suspension...