Day 1-15|08|08

Firstly I want to thank my parents for letting me do this trip on my 4 day old P220!!!.....After a months planning by Vignesh and me the day had finally arrived!!!We slept only by 12 or something the previous night(it usually happens before every ride!!!).....The alarm woke me up by 2:00 am....I called vignesh immediately ...he needed more half an hour of sleep so we slept and got up at 2 30....After a quick shower,I was ready by 3 30...By this time vignesh had already reached my place and was waiting for me.Managed to tie the saddle bags and met him outside my gate.We headed to a nearby temple and prayed for a safe trip!

We zoomed through the empty streets to reach the Golden Quadrilateral(GQ)that leads to Bangalore.Vignesh was all excited as this was his first ever long ride(His previous was jus 100 odd kms!!!).We stopped near his college as he wanted this pic :)

We were doing speeds of 60-70kmph only as I din want to stress my new bike(it was jus 500kms old).I wanted to maintaining this speed till I complete 1000kms which meant 500kms more.Vignesh didnt mind it.Sun was yet to rise and we were crossing toll booths one by one.At one such booth we stopped for a small break,by tis time Mr.Sun had come out to wish us good luck!I literally meant those words as we din want to have a rainy ride in the first day itself.Though the clouds were very dark we din experience rain.We reached Vellore and stopped
by a tea shop.After a few minutes we were back with our rides on the GQ.

It was very tempting to rip the bikes ,but I was very concerned not to cross the running in limit.We were munching miles at a very slow rate.We took many pics en route.We wanted this pic with The National Flag and our bikes.Managed to click it and a small kid took a pic with both of us in it.Thanks to him!
After this our next stop was at a BP petrol bunk which is located some 10kms after Vaniyambadi.Had a 20 mins stop there.Than started our slow run again.We were heading Krishnagiri and when we reached we spotted a descent hotel for breakfast.There we asked a taxi driver about a detour to Mysore without entering Bangalore.He told us to take a left at Electronic city.After asking the route we were back on the roads.This stretch of the road was awesome with ups and downs.Clicked a few pics here.

By 11:00 we reached Hosur.We stopped at a automobile shop to buy engine oil for our bikes.Here locals guided us the same route the taxi driver had suggested us.After the traffic till electronic city we found the Mysore road finally(But it wasnt over here!!!!)The roads were like runway and there were sign boards saying no stopping!!!But these roads ended abruptly...We did some off roading before we reached the actual Blore-Mysore expressway.The off roading was very bad,Vignesh's bike had taken hard,the silencer was hanging down...some bolt had come out.So stopped at a local mechanic shop and fixed it and we were back on the roads!Just a few kms before Mysore my bike completed 1000kms( :) :) :) ).I was damn happy as my runnin in period was over and I started to rip the bike.It was literally responding so good ...I felt the difference as the bike opened up!

We reached Mysore and asked the way to Gundulpet where we planned to stay for the night.This part was good stretch of road with lot of twisties:).Vignesh started to have back pain so we exchanged bikes.After ripping we reached Gundulpet and found a lodge with parking for our bikes.Checked in and unloaded our luggages and went for dinner at a nearby restaurant.We hit the beds by 10 pm.Tomorrow we are heading to Wayanad!!! :)