Drag G2G With Xbhp

We(Vignesh and me)went for a Drag G2G along with Xbhpians to Sholavaram Airfield on 26|08|08.We had a fun filled and thrilling experience ripping our bikes to be a winner in the drags!!!

Riders turned out.

1.El loco(RTR Fi Pillion)
2.Koushik(RTR Fi)
5.Sai's friend as his pillion(forgot his name)
8.Wiz(my pillion)

Some drags we had today,

RTR vs RTR Fi vs R15- R15 won but RTR Fi wasnt much behind!!!
RTR vs RTR Fi -RTR Fi could beat RTR comfortably.
RTR vs RTR Fi Vs 200-200 won followed by RTR Fi and RTR.
220 Vs R15 -220 won on many runs(I felt proper shifting in R15 could have proven a different result)
220 Vs Zma Vs R15- 220 won ,followed by R15 and Zma.(Zma was in a very bad condition!)

We had shot some awesome pics and videos!

The meet at Shell,Padi

En route to Sholavaram

And this is it!!!

Me in 220 leading the R15!

Wanna Race???!!!

from L-R(Me,Vignesh and Kiran)

Vignesh leading me!

RCDians :)

Me in RTR Fi leading Vignesh in his RTR

All set for the drag!

Some Formation Pics!


Aashi said...

The pics are nic da. esply the reflection of th bikes in the vicer.