Escape from the heat! A massive ride to the hills!

Day 3: June 01st, 09.

Munnar- Top Station – Munnar – Dindugal: 330 kms.

Spectacular views!

We forced ourselves out of the bed and got ready to visit Top Station which is a view point some 30 kms from Munnar. We were on the roads by 6:30 am. Started slowly, we wanted to take as many pictures as we can. We stopped at every nice spot to click pics.

As we moved the group split into two. Dilip and Guru went with their pace. We three didn’t mind as we were stubborn to click many photos.

Cold winds, superb roads with corners, great bikes to ride – what else a biker needs?? Top Station, to our surprise, belongs to Kodaikanal district of Tamil Nadu. Just before reaching Top Station the TN border begins. Here you can see the difference in the roads, the TN side is bad and Kerala side is good.

On reaching the place we found a road side dhaba where we had bread omelets and maggi noodles as our breakfast. To have hot food in the cold climate was an amazing thing to do! After that we headed towards the view point but unfortunately the place was closed! The entrance to the view point belonged to a private firm and the view point belonged to the government. Due to some conflict the place was closed. But we weren’t disappointed as we had already seen spectacular views on our way. Then we headed back to our rooms.

The split

Vignesh and I had to reach home the next day by afternoon while the others were interested to stay at Munnar this night. So Vignesh and I split up and headed towards Dindugal so that next day we could reach our homes by afternoon. After lunch we both started our ride by 2: 30 PM. This route from Munnar to Bodi Mettu is known for its scenic tea plantations and I was excited to ride through the plantations. After sometime of riding we entered the place from where at every direction you see are tea plantations. It was spread across the mountain ranges. The view can’t be expressed in words.

On the contrary to the TN - Kerala roads we came across this morning near Top Station, in this part the roads in Kerala side was worse but when we entered the TN side the roads were bliss. The roads were laid recently and they were superb!

We enjoyed riding through those roads and soon we reached the foothills. From here the plains were two lane roads and had more vehicles plying.

We both rode non stop and reached Dindugal by 7: 00 PM. We found a hotel and went to sleep after having the famous dindugal biriyani.

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