Wester Ghats in the monsoon !!!! Off roading, riding in the rains and what not! Day 2

Day 2:

It was a slightly cold night and sleeping on the floor was helping in making it as sleepless as possible. We were up and about by about 7AM next morning, and this is the sight that greeted us...

My camera's battery went dead after this and I just could not find the second set of batteries

Pictures and text henceforth : Praneshvittal

After a tiring Day 1, none were in a mood to get up early on Day 2 and we got up aaram se at around 7.30 AM or so… By then, few of the other groups had already left for Shankaracharya Peetha, which is at trekkable distance from Bhattara Mane… We left at around 8:15 or so and it was very foggy, and hardly anything was visible…

Hence we shifted our attention towards the dew drops and did some macro-photography… Basically anything (leaves, grass, spider-web, flowers etc…) with dew drops was our subject of photography and we enjoyed doing it a lot…

Shankaracharya Peetha

Veda trying his maps application on his cell phone

Bhattara Mane @ K-Top

Getting ready for the descent

Praful feeling on top of the world

View of Linganmakki back-waters

Mera Bharat Mahaan !!!

Steeds also enjoying the view…

View of Bhadra Reservoir

Probably these guys came to check if we’re still on top or crashed somewhere

Couldn’t resist to post a solo pic of mine


Spot Praful / Veda in these pics:

Aaargh !!! , these 4 legged creatures gave us a hard time

We were in no mood to leave this place, but didn’t had any other option as the clock was ticking and it was almost 12 noon and we had to descend… Getting down was the most difficult part as we’d to be extremely careful at the corners, along the edges… Veda’s rear tire went on a loose rock and it was one hella scary moment , nevertheless they’re all part of the adventure , as expected, jeep drivers gave us hard time … It took us about an hour to reach the foot of the hill…

Almost reached the foot-hill:

Text henceforth: Manoj

After reaching the foothills it was a long ride back. The plan was that I will ride to Mysore and rest of the gang will ride to Bangalore. But we faced rains throughout and hence it reduced our speeds to 60 - 70kmph. We were enjoying riding in the twisties of the western ghats in rains. We rode non stop for 100kms and took breaks every 100kms. We reached Hassan by around 9:00 pm and still the rains didn't stop. Due to poor visibility we halted for the night at Hassan. Everyone had office the next day which is a monday and hence we needed to start early the next day.

Day 3:

We got up by 4:30 am and were road ready by around 5:00 am. Mysore was 120 kms away and Bangalore was a plus 150 kms. Rains didn't stop still which meant we ride in the rains again. We rode constantly without any stops and reached Mysore by around 6 : 30 am. I bid farewell to the ret of the gang who left to Bangalore and I rushed to my office :) .