Day 1 - Bangalore to Kanyakumari


I always wanted to ride along the Coastal region of TamilNadu. It was 3 of us who decided to ride on this route. Ghugan on his ZMR, Sudan on his 220 dtsi and myself on my 220Fi. I started from Bangalore and the rest two from Chennai. Since it was Sudan's maiden ride , he and Ghugan started a day earlier from Chennai and halted at Villupuram (160 kms from Chennai towards Kanyakumari ) for the night. Next day rode from Villupuram till Kanyakumari and I joined them after Madurai on the NH7.

Day 1 - March 11th - 3:30 am

Route for the day.

I woke up to the alarm at 2 : 30 am and got ready to pack the bags on the bike by 3. It took half an hour to saddle up the saddle bag/backpack and to get geared up fully. After a short prayer I was on the bike , the ride was on!!!

My target was to reach outskirts of Madurai on NH7 by 10:30 am (Bangalore to madurai was 450 kms ) . They both will start from Villupuram by around 5 am so that they also come to the meeting point after Madurai at around 10:30 -10:00 am. (Villupuram to Madurai was 320 kms)

Was easy on the throttle in the early hours. I stay closer to electronic city so crossed into TN border within few minutes of riding. I planned my first stop at the Shoolagiri HP bunk which has a 24X7 McD. I didnt have anything to eat and was damn hungry. The HP bunk was 60 kms from my house and reached in less than an hour. Ordered for the breakfast which nothing more than a snack! Something to please my hunger! Tanked up my bike's belly too here ( Petrol costs less here in TN than KA, yipeee!!! )

After the short 20 mins break I was back on the roads. Overtaking the mighty trucks on the road , they were the only companions at that hour of the day. There was a lot of oncoming Volvo buses from various places towards Bangalore but on my lane it was just these trucks and trailers. Crossed Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri in no time. After Dharmapuri dawn broke and Sun came out. Stopped here for few pics.

Stopped after crossing Salem for some chai.

Here I saw this marriage troupe happily crossing the NH! That's a National Highway for Gods sake man!

Now I got some fast cars for company. Was fun cruising at 120s along with the cars :) Stopped for fuel near Dindugal. Found Anandha's restaurant on the highway for breakfast. Food was good and was served quick. So was in and out in 20 mins.

Kept updating about my whereabouts to my co riders who were riding on the NH45 and they were also on time. Soon reached the meeting point and waited for them.

Few pics while waiting.

Work in progress

Some machinery to assist them

Here they arrive a good half an hour late!

As soon as they came I hopped onto my bike and started moving. It was damn hot and wanted to keep the heat off by riding.

We stopped somewhere before Tirunelveli for fuel and lunch. We took a good 1 and 1/2 hours break. The heat was exhausting us. Glucose compensated to some extent. I updated my uncle before we crossed Tirunelveli so that he could come join us till Kanyakumari where we would be staying for the night.

Met this Champ biker who was on his work bike tour! Man this guy has stamina and energy to keep cycling the whole day in hot sun and the distance he has to travel! He took 4 months to ride from China into India and he was also heading to Kanyakumari . His route inside India was Kolkata-Chennai - Kanyakumari- Mumbai- Delhi and so on into the Arab nations! Was amazed to meet such a biker! He gave his card containing his route.

Crossing Tirunelvei. Amazing roads and beautiful sights!

Soon reached the meeting point where my uncle asked me to come. He came along with his friend on a 1983 Bullet 350. They guided us towards Kanyakumari.

They were happily cruising at 60s. We 3 felt like we were cycling . Stopped in between for pics so that we can ride at our speeds to catch the bullet :P

Windmills are a common sight around Tirunelveli. And not to forget the crosswinds in this region! They were heavy!

Soon entered Kanyakumari, my uncle took us to Vadakottai a fort built by a Kerala King . Though the fort was not amusing but the views from the fort were!

After this we headed straight to the sunset point. This was not the usual sun set point where tourists would crowd. This spot is not know to tourists , only locals would know.

What a way to end Day1 of our ride! Definitely it was amazing to see the mighty Sun going into horizon to the other side of the earth.

Then we headed to my grandpa's bungalow which was out stay for the night. After dumping our luggage and refreshing we went strolling around the Beach. Had dinner in the market area and returned for a peaceful sleep. Next day we head towards Rameshwaram.