Night Ride To Pondy

Monday, April 7, 2008
It started like this.......I badly wanted some fun(kinda energizing myself ;) ) before my exams had started...Nothing can be more fun than a long ride for me.So I call my friend Dilip and asked him to join me for a ride.He was in for it.So we decided the place as Pondy and I asked if we can go on a night ride .Immediately he was excited and that was it.The place was Pondy and we are going on a night ride!Ye ye!...Hearing our plan two of our friends-Vicky n Sudan joined us.Finally it was four guys three bikes and destination was Pondy.We planned to leave by Saturday(5-4-08) night at 9:00pm from Bessy beach(Besant Nagar).

After a light dinner that we had around Bessy we left the beach and headed towards ECR.East Coast Road -riders paradise in Chennai.It is the finest roads I ve ridden on and it is also the most dangerous .We din mind the danger part as we decided to maintain an avg speed of 60-70kmph.Once we hit ECR we stopped by a fuel station to tank up our bikes.We filled petrol for Rs500 in each of our bikes and started to ride.
@ the fuel station
Our next stop was at the toll plaza for a photo shoot.We maintained descent speed of 60-70 kmph.After clicking a few pics we resumed our ride.

Cruised at the same speed and reached the ViewPoint(ECR park).Again had a photo shoot(it was nice experimenting Photography in the dark).
the Riders
(L2R)Me,Dilip n Vicky
Our next stop was Mahabalipuram.We din go inside the town.Jus stopped for a pic near the sign board that said Welcome to Mahabalipuram.Then started to cruise towards Pondy.Next comes the best part of the ride it was Vicky's B'Day on 6th.Dilip, Sudan n I planned for a surprise B day party for him in the middle of ECR.Yes we bought a cake from Chennai and had it in our backpack.When it 11:50 pm we halted beside the road.We placed the cake on Vicky's bike and gave him a surprise.He was astonished seeing the cake.Definitely it should be his best B'day party ever!After cutting the cake and clicking pics we were back on the road.

The road was pitch dark .Except for the light from our bikes .Riding in that kinda situation was damn scary.I say scary coz we couldn spot sudden crossings of the dogs on the road.And also I had these illusions that i could see on the road.I could see some one standing on the road and then I apply sudden brake jus to realise that there was nothing.I had these ghosty experiences on the way ;)....lol...Soon we reached Pondy.As we entered Pondy we were welcomed by the cops with their routine checking.After showing the required documents we started to ride inside the then French Colony.

Mission Accomplished!
We headed straight to the beach.The sea breeze +the chillness of the night+me and my bike=amazing feeling I had :).We parked our rides near the beach and went to the small cottage like structures that were there all along the beach coast.We kept out stuffs there and hide a nice chat and rested there for an hour.And ya of course pics pics n pics ;).

sudan ,dilip n me
the Bear Hug
After an hour of rest we decided to start our ride back to Chennai.We started by 3:30 am from the beach and after having tea we hit the roads.The roads were deserted.We were the only ones on the road.We could see vehicles only occasionally which means we were ripping our bikes.It was time for us to check our top speeds.I was doing an avg speed of 90-100kmph.I hit a top speed of 120kmph when I overtook Dilip.There were a few places where dogs were lying dead on the road,which posed a danger to us.Luckily we dint hit any of them.We din stop much as we were into high speed riding;).Loved riding on the ECR at such speeds.The reflectors on the road made it look like a runway.The result of our ripping was that we reached the ViewPoint or the ECR park(which is jus 50kms from Chennai)in just 1 n half hours.We decided to take a long break at the park till the sun rises.We had a small nap at the park .Woke up jus before the sun rise(Thank God I din miss it!).Clicked many pics of the sun rise.Awesome scenery!

After a break for an hour we headed back to the roads.Our thirst for fun and enjoyment wasnt satisfied.So we decided to go to the shore with our bikes(yes thats crazy stuff :)))).

We went to the beach with our bikes and had ultimate fun!Cant explain in words ,the pics will speak for themselves.

where does this lead to??
After struggling pushing our bikes back to the roads we headed for the city.

And this was the best part.After crossing the toll plaza I dont know what happened for the next 20 mins.I had ridden the bike without my knowledge for 20 mins.When I got back to reality I stopped by the road.Then my friends joined me after 10 mins.I told them that I was riding my bike without even realizing anything.They were surprised to hear that(Hope they din think I was crazy).But I ve heard of such things from riders on Xbhp.After this we parted our way back home.

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