Apache makes its First Ride to Mahapallipuram

My bike was jus 3 weeks old, but it wanted to go for a long ride so i started on june 1st Mornin it was oly 483Km old... I and ma cousin started our ride at around 11am. My bike's top speed b4 tat was jus 86km/hr wen i went to St. Thomos mount wit RCD. and in this i tried i went till 103Km/hr... It was amazing. I reached there by 12:30 (via ECR) spent time of abt jus 1hr then we returned home. My return was thro OMR road jus wanna feel the difference.... My ride was really smooth. 2 Police patrol caught me but i've got all documents so they jus let me free. My bike has done 680km as of date... Thanks to RCD for recognisin ma bike... Me n ma Apache is waitin for a trip wit our RCD.


MaNoJ PrAbAkHaR said...

Awesome bike there man!......It looks sexy in those 2 pics :)