Diwali ride for a cause!!!

It was Diwali season and being part of the India's largest biking community - Xbhp, we wanted to do something for the society.And the plan was put up at Xbhp that we will ride to an orphanage to spend some time with the sweet kids there and make them happy!It was Sunday October-26th.Praveen had known an orphanage which wasn't famous and it was located at some 10kms before Pondicherry.We were 11 riders on 10 bikes all belonging to Xbhp.Vignesh and I had done our best to collect sweets ,money and other contributions from our friends .As planned we were to meet the gang at Cozzee(our usual Xbhp meeting point at Besant Nagar).But due to some issues we were not able to make it there so we SMSed Praveen saying that we will meet everyone at the second meeting point -VGP Golden Beach.We were on time to the point and saw Allen and his friend waiting with his Thunderbird.Vignesh and I were having coffee at a nearby shop and there came the gang!After a 5 mins chat we were on our bikes and rolled on!

As it was a rainy morning we were all equiped with rain gears.We were on the move sedately at 60-70kmph.Our first stop was at the famous ECR park where we switched over to our rain gears.

After this were back on the rides and were cruising at descent speeds.We stopped twice for the line up pics en route.No matter how many time I ride through the ECR ,the roads are always exciting and scenic!!

We reached Pondy at around 10:30 am and headed to a hotel for breakfast.After this we hit the Pondy beach,as we were waiting for Praveen's friends who were the ones to take us to the orphanage.

We went to the orphanage by 12:00 pm .We were so happy to see those kids!They were all exited upon seeing our bikes and they were very friendly.After a few clicks of pics with them and having fun we served food for them which we had bought.They were so disciplined and well mannered.They had their meal only after offering prayers to The Almighty!

Post lunch we gave the gifts we had got for the kids.After this we had a photo session with them :) .At about 4:00 pm we were back on the bikes and headed back home.The return ride was a fast one with hardly any stops.

So many rides done but this one remain very special simply because we made a few kids happy!