In search of the Birds!!!-A ride to Vedanthangal


As decided and planned we were heading to Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary which is located some 80kms away from Chennai.we were riding along with our biker friends of Racing Department.I woke up in the morning to see that it was raining outside.I called others and told that we will start half an hour late.And finally everyone except Karthik met at the meeting point.Then we headed to a petrol bunk near Tambaram where Dilip and Ajit joined the gang.By the time we were tanking up our bikes and checking air pressure in the tyres Karthik joined us.Finally everyone were ready to start.We were zooming through the wet roads of GST.It was free of traffic as it was a Sunday.We stopped at a place for a small photo shoot.

After this we proceeded straight to Vedanthangal.The last part was through very narrow and uneven roads,enjoyed riding though!

We were not disappointed to see that it was off season.Who cares we didnt come for birdwatchin,we came for the ride :) .After spending sometime we headed back home.

From here it was a speedy ride back home!We were home for lunch!Though it was very short,we enjoyed it completely!