Ride De Thirupathi

Dec 2nd '08


Ravikumar-Honda Stunner
Shafeeq-HH Hunk
Vignesh-Apache RTR
Myself-P220 blue
Dilip-P220 black

The planning had started some 10 days before the ride.We had our exams getting over on Dec 1st.So the ride was planned on Dec2nd.


As planned we were to meet at the Shell bunk at Padi by 6 am which was the usual Chennai Xbhpians meeting point.Everyone except Ravikumar was there on time and I called Ravi numerous time just to hear his phone going unanswered.So we were only 5 riders and we started.After moving away from the city and entering the outskirts we stopped for some photos.This is when I got a call from Ravi saying that he had overslept and he wanted to join us.We asked him to come to a hotel where we were heading for breakfast.

After the photos we went past the first toll booth on the GQ and took the immediate diversion to Periyapalayam.We stopped by the hotel for breakfast and by the time we finished eating our hot idlis and pongal Ravi joined us.From there on it was a single lane road.We expected this route to be better than the usual Thiruthani route which would have hit badly after rains but we were soon proven wrong:( .Yes the bad roads started and we couldnt keep speeds more than 50kmph :( .So our average speed went down.We were very careful spotting the potholes and alerted the fellow riders.

When we entered AP the roads were better with sparse potholes.We stopped for a few pics.

And right before the diversion at Puthur we spotted an elevated mud road and went there for pics.


There on we didnt stop anywhere and maintained speeds of 80-90kmph and soon reached Thirupathi.We headed right away to the Tirumala Ghat roads.After the usual checking and getting tickets for the bikes there came the most interesting part -The Ghats!!!

Everyone were excited to ride on the ghats and there we went zooming through the twisties bending and leaning :).We were taking the corners at pretty good speeds and we maintained considerable gap between two bikes.We stopped at a view point and took a few snaps.

From there we started one by one.I was the first one to start and Dilip was next to me.We both were enjoying the ghats to the fullest and I stopped at a place to catch the others in action.This is when I got a call from Vignesh and I knew something was wrong .I gave my mobile to Dilip and he spoke to find out that Ravi had fallen while taking a corner.Dilip and I parked our bikes and started walking back as it was a one way we couldnt take our bikes along.We didnt knew where this has happened and we were walking for about 15 mins before we reached the spot.We found that some loose gravel on the road was the culprit.Stunner's gear lever was broken into two and by the tie we both came Shafeeq had tied the broken pieces together with a string and Vignesh and Ganesh had done the first aid to Ravi.Ravi was fine and his bike too except that he cant engage the first gear.With the 125cc bike without a first gear and on ghats,he had a tough time!But he managed.Once again we were right on track and soon reached Tirumala.We went straight to a hotel and had a good lunch.

After lunch we headed to the "Perumal Padham"-which is believed to have foot prints of Lord Venkateshwara.The route was steep and deserted except a few tourists.This place was chilly and had woods all over.It was a nice spot for pics:) and here they are!

Now the downhill ride starts.We had a nice time riding downhill.There was a huge Hanuman temple on this route and we stopped by to offer our prayers.

The recent rains had made beautiful waterfalls on this route.One of the water fall was flowing right on the road and it was a spectacular sight.Few pics.

Soon we were at the foothills and after a short tea break we were back on our riders.The return route was through Thiruthani,Thiruvallur.This route was a single lane one and with darkness coming in we had a tough time riding.We split into two groups ,with one 220 leading each group.The 220's projectors were helpful to spot the potholes and avoid them.We reached the outskirts of Chennai and decided to slit to get back home.And I faced the worst traffic in my life before I got back home.


Yuva said...

Nice Ride Ppl... I Always wanna make ride to Tirupathi... How long it took for you guys to reach there...