Short ride in ECR!


This was the first ride of the year 2009 for us.It wasnt really a ride.We three(Dilip,Vignesh and me) had gone for the choreo night of Saarang 09 (IIT-M's culturals).After this show we rode till the ECR view Point which is some 40 kms from the city.Nothing much to write in the log so enjoy the pics :)

The riders:
Dilip and his trustworthy CBZ Star

Vignesh and his peppy RTR

Me and my blue beast

The Old Mahaballipuram Road (IT Corridor)

Our First stop for Hot coffee

The customary pic at the Toll Plaza -ECR

The Destination - View Point at ECR

My Pulsar 220

Dilip's CBZ Star

Vignesh's RTR

Random Pics

The ECR - OMR Connection Road


ScReAmZZ said...

Nice pics da.. Excellent photograpgy n nice camera..