Three Musketeers ride to Yelagiri!

Friday 06-05-09

After a long break from biking we planned for a ride to somewhere nearby and we finalized Yelagiri. We planned to start by 7 am and reach home by evening.

The riders and the rides :

1. Karthik - P180 UG3
2. Vignesh - RTR Refresh
3. Manoj ( me) - P220

Total Kms covered :470kms

The trip log:

As planned we three met at the Toyota showroom at Koyembed signal by 7 am and started to roll on the roads by 7 :15 am. We kept the bikes at slower pace as we didn't want to rip them so early in the ride. We stopped at the first toll plaza on the GQ, had some biscuits and were back on the roads.

We were doing speeds of 80-100kmph . At Sriperambathur we stopped by the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial for few minutes and took a few snaps.

The Start

At Rajiv Gandhi Memorial (L-R) Myself,Vignesh & Karthik

The Memorial

Karthik with the Yo! look

(L-R)Vignesh,myself & Karthik

At toll plaza #2

After this we were back on the same boring GQ.Few pics in the GQ.

Reached Vellore in a while and after a discussion we decided to get some biscuits for breakfast. So got them and hit the roads again. We had planned to get the famous " Ambur Biriyani " at Ambur and take them to Yelagiri and find a nice picnic spot and have it. We reached Ambur by 10: 30 itself and found that only Chicken Biriyani was ready . Got them and headed to Yelagiri.

At Ambur

In a few few minutes we crossed Vaniyambadi and took the diversion to Yelagiri and said bye to the boring GQ . This road leads to Salem and after 10 kms the Yelagiri ghat roads start. Ghats always meant excitement and this being Karthik's first ever long ride he was very cautious while negotiating the curves. Vignesh was scraping his RTR's foot pegs at almost every curve. Karthik's bending and leaning was improving at each curve as he gained more confidence. And thanks to my 220's main stand, they were restricting my leans :( .They kept scraping at every curve. We stopped at a place for a few pics. The view of the towns from the hill was spectacular.

(L-R)Myself,Vignesh & Karthik

Biker's Beatitude!

After reaching Yelagiri we looked for a nice place to have our hot biriyanis :) . Spotted a typical picnic spot that had a big tree providing. Parked our bikes and opened the biriyani packs as soon as possible. Within few minutes the lunch was over and took rest for sometime on the rocks.

Karthik at our picnic spot

The Three Musketeers!

Then we headed for boating. This place had an artificial lake and there were some 5 boats. We took two pedal boats and had good fun for half an hour.

By then it was 2 :00 PM. This was the time we planned to start our return journey.

While climbing down the hills we stopped a a place that was surrounded by Eucalyptus trees . I was thinking about the boring 250 kms ride back home.

After this we soon were back on the GQ. The sumptuous lunch, the afternoon heat and the unwinding GQ roads was enough to induce sleep in us. Our target was to hit vellore by 3:30 or 4:00 . Karthik and I kept a bit slow while Vignesh was ripping all the way. We didnt stop for any breaks and managed to reach Vellore by 3:30 itself. Here I wanted a minimum 20 mins break to get re freshened . Had coffee at a hotel and washed our face and we were ready to hit the roads.My sleep had vanished and I was in the mood to rip my bike :) .As soon as we were back on the roads I started ripping and I left the other two behind. I knew they both will ride together so continued my ripping saga. A Skoda Octavia gave me a good company and I covered a good distance in less time , Thanks to the Octavia I was doing speeds of 110+ .I missed the car in some traffic and my next companion was a Santro Xing. I have never seen a driver like him, He was overtaking other vehicles with such ease and he was a pro in doing that. Finally crossed Sriperambathur and after the last toll I waited for my co riders :) .While waiting for them the two cars that gave my company passed by and they both gave me a glaring look ;) .In a while Vignesh and Karthik arrived and we stopped for 15 mins. And by 6 :00 pm we were back home ,thanks to the almost nill traffic at the city entrance.

The boring GQ from RTR's dashboard


My bike with the sun set

Mission Accomplished :P

This ride was a blast completely and Karthik's maiden long ride.This will stay in my memory forever :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Nice Trip log Dudes.. Im missing these rides.. Ill catch you guys as soon i got my ride.. Photography is Awesum.. RCD RoCKs... keep Rocking like these MANOJ VIGNesh & MASTER KARTHIK..

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