The Twins ride to Pondicherry!!!

15th March '09

It was a lazy Sunday morning for me. As usual I got up late and was cleaning my bike when I got a call from Vicky . It was 11:00 am when he called me and asked if we could ride to Pondy. Vicky's bike was two weeks old and he had done close to 1 k kms with one ride to Vellore and today he wanted to ride to Pondicherry . I hesitated first then as I was done with the cleaning by 12:00 PM I had changed my decision and called him and said a yes . Then had bath and met Vicky by 1 PM .

We headed straight to fuel station and I filled 4 liters which will be enough to take me till Pondy. We dogged through the city traffic and managed to hit the ECR by around 2 PM. From there it was a leisure ride .We were doing speeds of around 80kmph and we stopped for first pics at the Toll Plaza. I have taken pics at this same spot 'n' number of times but still each time, its different

Then we were back on our blue machines and planned to stop at Mahabs for some tea and snacks. Within few minutes we were at Mahabs.

Had tea and were back on the bikes. We stopped for our next pics at this place before Marakkanam. The same spot where I stopped for pics during my run-in ride The difference this time is that there is twin of my bike

Vicky posing with his new mate

Trial jump

Actual jump :P

After this our next stop was our destination. ECR was heavily populated with cars so we decided to take the Thindivanam route on the return.

En route

Upon reaching Pondy, we relaxed a while at the beach and took these snaps.

The beautiful lanes of Pondy

Then we started our return journey. We were not sure of which road to take for the Thindivanam route .So called up Guru and asked about the route. Then it took 15 mins for us to find the route and were riding towards Thindivanam. These roads were not in good condition. Wider four lane roads were being built parallel to the existing two lane road. So had to take diversions at many places. Managed to cover the 40kms section till Thindivanam in 40 mins .From here it was the NH45 or the GST. It was a bliss to ride ( rip ) after the poor roads we rode for past 40 mins. From here our ripping saga began till we reached home .

though it was a destination that was done so many times , it was a different experience . Loved the company of a look alike bike as mine . We covered 320kms in total. And the petrol price at Pondy is just 38 Rs/ltr .