This time we thought we could convert our usual Besant Nagar meet up into a short ride till Rajiv Ganhdi Memorial located on the GQ just after Sriperambathur. As planned we met up at the Toyota showroom ,Koyembedu and started the ride by 6 : 15 am. The count was big this time with 12 riders and 12 bikes!

The Start

We were 10 riders to start from this point and later were joined by 2 more guys at Saveetha Engg. College. We were keen to keep a moderate pace of 70 - 80kmph as the destination was just 30kms away and didn't want to rip with such a huge gang :) . We didn't stop anywhere for pics but Vignesh saw to that he caught us riding. He stopped at few places to catch us with his Cybershot. Few such pics.

After crossing the MMSC track at Sriperambathur we stopped by for a line up pic. Spent some 5 minutes to arrange our steeds in a line and it was time for the pics!!!

While we were busy clicking pics there were many onlookers seeing the bikes with their jaws dropped ;) And then there was a man with his family in his car who took pain to reverse his car and come near us to ask What were we upto ;) He thought we were racing! ( It happens every time! People just imagine a bunch of bikers as racers always! ) Then before we were about to start for the destination we witnessed a accident involving three cars!! All because of an idiotic truckie who pulled into the road from the parking without noticing the on coming vehicles! The occupants of the last car in the three car pile up were injured to an extent. They were all bleeding . I am sure they would have been safe if they had worn the seat belts! Anyways we went near them and was surprised to see none had informed the 108. I callled the 108 and told them the place. Immediately ambulance was rushed to the spot , though this was not from the 108.After they were safely taken to the hospital we were back on the roads. Within few minutes we reached the Memorial.

After parking our bikes we decided to have some tea so took the bikes to the nearest tea shop and had tea + snacks. Then clicked a few riding pics. This time Vignesh was my pillion and he was sitting facing the road behind!! He managed to click these pics.

Then we entered the Memorial. This place was so peaceful with just us in the premises. The TriColour flag raised high was a nice sight to see. Cliced some pics here. The huge wall structure behind the memorial stone was our backdrop for the photo sessions that we had ;)

The Gang

Rider's view

After the photos we headed to the MMSC Race track to meet some of our friends who were practicing at the track. After spending sometime at the track we headed back home.

Here is the video that Vicky had taken and compiled!

Riders and their rides:

1.Dilip - CBZ star
2.Ganesh - Pulsar 180
3.Gurumurthy - Honda Unicorn
4.Karthik - Pulsar 180
5.Manoj - Pulsar 200
6.Manoj(me) - Pulsar 220
7.Praveen - Avenger 200
8.RaviKumar - Honda Stunner
9.Shafeeq - HH Hunk
10.Sudharshan - Pulsar 150
11.Vicky - Pulsar 220
12.Vignesh - Apache RTR