My First formal ride...By Sudan

Why is this called a formal ride?? (coz I was in formals and instead of going home from office, my mind played tricks on me and took off my bike for a short ride) This feels lil crazy, since I didn't wear any safety gears, except my helmet (courtesy Manoj ) and gloves and I was in pakka formals

Started from my office at 01:30 AM instead of 03:30 am (we were asked to leave early due to system issues ;-P ) . I started from office (Spencer plaza, Mount road) around 01:35AM and thought of having some tea from near by tea shop (tea and coffee available 24*7 ) before going home.. While having tea, my mind urged for a ride... <1 more
influence for the ride is I filled my bike's tank to its maximum just 7 hrs back.. tat too with the reward points on my credit card so technically... I have a full tank of "free" petrol :) >

So planned to do a short ride... say 100kms.. Called up Manoj.. He suggested NH-4.. Told him tat will proceed on NH-4, till I reach 100kms on the odo meter and will do a U-turn and will come bak.. (I sounded stupid... but I wanted to go...)

Started from Toyota showroom in koyembedu at 2.15 AM.....

Trip starts at 14490kms.... Fuel meter was standing tall with ego... I thought 'I gna bring you down' :)

Masalf in formals.. I don't know why I'm looking sleepy on this pic though I was not sleepy....

While I was driving, I needed a destination tat is approx 100kms, Thanks to 'Vicky'.. He suggested that I ride till vellore... I agreed with him and fixed my mind to vellore...

Was doing at 90-110kmph.. While driving towards vellore I would have hardly seen less than 5 cars passing by.. The highway was busy with lorries and heavy trucks... was dodging through them.. I have to agree here.. "Lorry drivers were driving good", in my exp there, they didn't cut the lanes, nor was any sudden movements.. Felt great to dodge
between Lorries (of course at a safer speed and distance from them)...

Stopped once for a tea before 40kms to vellore... then reached vellore.. Took a pic near the milestone..

"vannakam vellore" :-p .... It was around 4am..

Man with the Milestone.....

Before starting from vellore, I did stop at a tea stall to refresh myself and here I met this friendly guy... Showed a very friendly attitude towards me ' as if he knows me for years'.. he made me to buy a 'butter biscuit for him'

"Faithful and a lovin friend tat I met durin a brk.. Showed me a great deal of respect, love, affection for just a 2rs
butter biscuit.. He deserves another biscuit :-) :-).. I bought him another biscuit...

Started bak to Chennai.. and was driving with some... may be almost all current happening thoughts filling my mind, was infact eating my brain..... was drivin n driving until I saw a milestone. Stopped for a pic..

....And there was enuf light to wear my coolers.. Changed to coolers and kept the visor open to feel the fresh wind on my face..

The t-shirt that i'm wearing over my shirt, was in my bag that helped me in cooping with the wind factors..

Reached home.. odo meter showed 14756kms.. which means I did 266kms..

And finally the short ride ends here at 266kms.... enuf to call it as a trip for a 'rookie' like me..

My bike - my buddy, tnx for d ride dude... Rest for a while.. C ya in d evenin :-)

Thanks for reading guys!!