Day 2 - Kanyakumari - Manapad - Ramanathapuram

After the long journey we had yesterday the nights sleep was much needed for us. Today's plan was to get up early for sunrise and head to my uncles place en route to Ramanathapuram.

This is the route we took for this day. Map

When we got up at 5 30 am we were surprised to see the cloudy and dark sky outside. We would miss the sunrise with this kind of a climate but we were happy to see this climate after the hard day under sun the previous day.

Since we would miss the sunrise, we wanted to have a sight of the Vivekananda Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue at least before we leave from KK.

We went near the ferry boat jetty and with my grandpa's influence got to the furthest point where we can get as close to the Statue and memorial by land.

Few pics of the sight,

Then we went to the place where the 3 seas - Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea meet.

It was an amazing sight to watch the waves coming in from different direction.

Bay of Bengal

Indian Ocean

Arabian Sea

When we headed back to our home to get our stuffs it started to rain. Much needed for us . We got home , got the stuffs loaded on the bikes and off towards Ramnad for the nights halt. En route Me and Gughan were heading to my uncles place and Sudan headed to his relatives house. We decided to re group on the outskirts of Thoothukudi.

In and around KK

It was a heavy downpour. Gughan and I were completely drenched from head to toe. Though this was a summer season, I had my rain gears in the saddle bag. It came handy in covering the luggage.

Our steeds under the heavy downpour

Reached my uncles place for a heavy breakfast and drying up the clothes. Spent a good 2 hours at his place. Meanwhile Sudan went to meet his folks.

Rains stopped and it was back to the sunny day. Saddled up again and headed towards a small coastal town called Manapad en route to Thoothukudi.

This is a very common vehicle in this part of the state

My uncle's steed

Never expected this place to have this much importance. The importance was that this pic was taken at the same place, in fact the same day we were around.

Shooting of Mani sir's next film "Kadal" was in progress and this was a set prepared for the film.

The set that was for the film "Kadal"

These were actuals :)

After this point my uncle headed back to his place. We proceeded towards Thoothukudi to meet Sudan and then ride to Ramnad.

That's me interacting with my bike ;)

Roads from here were good decent state highways with less traffic. Reached he meeting point in sometime and waited for Sudan to arrive. It was around 4 pm and had lunch at a hotel called Pandian which was with this Reliance outlet.

Sudan arrived by the time we were having our food. Took an hour rest here. We were informed that there is a cyclonic depression formed in the sea near this place and would expect rains for the next couple of days in the places we are going to head towards.

Never expected rains in this part of the state at this time of the year. We have got lucky :)

Ramnad was around 200 kms from the Reliance pump where we were resting. And it was all two laned , median less state highways.

Biker meets villager :cool:

Reached Ramnad by 7 30 PM and called justdial for the best hotel in the town for out night stay. Found this hotel Hotel Garish Park, Ramnad and booked the ac room for us.

After a heavy dinner and a photo seeing session, we dozed off for the night.